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A five-star🇯🇵 airline starved me in the business class

While writing this piece, I am sitting in one of the restaurants at the second level of the Bangkok airport. I understand this blog has been “abandoned” for quite some time, as same as many “did-not-make-to-mainstream” bloggers, plus the covid effect, really did a number on us. Most of us have found new challenges outside of the points and miles community. So rest assured, even though we are no longer invited as speakers at the conferences or as eager to show off our “once-in-life-time-trips”. We will come back if we have ever made mistakes or being mistreated, so you do not have to repeat our bad experience. 


Did CTA “backtrack” their decision on allowing Airlines to provide Vouchers?

It seems that we are having another media field day on CTA (Canadian Transportation Agency)’s updated FAQ regarding whether allowing the Airlines to provide vouchers instead of a refund. While all the media, big or small, are claiming victory over the CTA’s newest clarification. They seemed missed a crucial fact: CTA is not backtracking anything, rather than clarifying the misleading information they have provided in March. For what it matters, they are not willing to do anything about retracing the Statement of Voucher (SOV).